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How do I enrol my son/daughter?

Please email your new teacher via the location.


South Bucks



Do parents/guardians join in?

You're required to join in when your child participates in a Seeds or Saplings classes.

As your child's confidence grows and they develop new skills your participation will be required less and you'll be able to sit back and enjoy your little dancer blossom.

In order to give your child your full attention, please do not talk during class or use mobile phones (this includes to take pictures). 

What must my child wear?

Something light and comfortable with grippy sock or ballet shoes (no bare feet please).There's no need for specific dance wear as pre-school dancers are welcome in super hero costumes, tutus, rugby kits, or whatever they're comfortable in. 

Please remember not to change your dancer in the public spaces at the venues.

For recommended dance wear items including shoes and tutus, please visit;

Can we watch?

We encourage family and friends to share the magical experience but unless it's a specific 'Watching Week' (the last class of each term) we ask that dancers over 3 years do not have spectators.

We are very happy to work with each family individually to create a positive learning environment for all dancers in the class.


Can I take pictures?

Parents, visitors and spectators are not permitted to take pictures of children other than their own.

Do not record any part of the class. Please make your guests aware of our strict policy.

How much are the classes?

Fees are due termly and differ depending on the amount of weeks and the class location. Classes usually start from £84 per term. Fees are due at the start of the term, late payments will be charged at an extra £10 for adminisration costs.

Once your son/daughter is enroled with the school, it is assumed that your dancer will progress to each level. Should you wish to leave Blossom Ballet, half a terms notice is required.

Can we bring a younger/older siblings?

We encourage the whole family to enjoy the Blossom Ballet experience but please remember that Seeds and Saplings classes require you to join in too. Your participation helps to enrich the experience for all of the all dancers in the class and so siblings who are not enrolled must be able to wait quietly at the side. 

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